The Latest in Skin Needling and RF Technology

The Latest in Skin Needling and RF Technology

Dr Katina Koukourou performing infini skin needling combined with radiofrequency skin tightening. The latest in skin needling and RF combined technology, unique to the south west, the Gold STANDARD for skin needling procedures.

The combined effect of increased needle depth and radiofrequency gives an additional benefit than other skin needling procedures around. Depth of needles up to 2-3mm with highest strength topical anaesthetic prescription which only a doctor can prescribe to allow deeper penetration to the deep dermis to enable maximum effect of collagen and elastin stimulation, and skin tightening for skin laxity deep and fine lines including under eye creases and lines around the mouth.

The treatment is finished off with a complimentary LED light treatment , for healing wavelengths inclusive of infrared and more. Results last up to two years. Packages apply with zip pay a new option of payment now coming to Lifestyle Medical.

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