Our Vision

Our Vision

Lifestyle medical was founded in August 2007 in Margaret River by Dr Katina Koukourou.

It was the first medical spa to be established in Margaret river and unique to South West Western Australia.

Our vision was to create a wellness center where people could come and have an individualised assessment and holistic treatment plan that focuses on mind and body health. Dr Katina after working for a number of years as a general practitioner , established the belief that how we look on the outside reflects how we feel on the inside. More than one in three women are unsatisfied with how their skin looks, which often makes them feel older than they are, hence in turn reflects their self esteem, energy levels and motivation. Here at Lifestyle Medical we aim to restore and rejuvenate the person as a whole where physical health and aesthetic medicine combine to create the best version of the individual. At Lifestyle Medical our team has kept up to date with a forever changing industry. We continue to place ourselves at the forefront of leading edge technology and use the highest quality products, training and techniques to optimize results for our clients. We pride ourselves on our professional standards, ensuring our clients feel entrusted and safe with their health in our hands. At Lifestyle Medical we consider ourselves a team and not dissimilar to a family environment. We support each other on an ongoing basis, throughout our work environment, this helps us to maintain a strong client focus , and to deliver the best of ourselves to our clients.

Our business focus is to treat people of all ages, who have any skin complaints, or dermatological conditions inclusive of acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, pigmentation, rosacea, facial telangiectasia, (broken capillaries ), and visible signs of ageing, being volume deficiency, or skin textural problems through reduction of collagen and elastin, uneven skin tone, open pores, as well as facial drooping / sagging from bone and volume loss. In addition we aim to enhance ones natural features and beauty, which may be improving facial symmetry, increasing lip or cheek volume, defining lip shape, changing eyebrow shape eg lifting, shaping the face, eg to create the scientifically proven ideal aesthetic shape for beautification.

At Lifestyle Medical through a personalized and individualized assessment we tailor a targeted treatment program for the individual to suit their needs.

Providing a thorough facial assessment by our highly skilled doctor, Dr Katina Koukourou, we can take into account patient expectations with realistic budgets and achieve the best possible results with our armamentaurian of devices and products.

With our skin cancer assessments and treatments, by our specialist doctor, using mole scanning technology and dermoscopic science, we aim to diagnose skin cancers at their earliest phase of growth. We aim to prevent death and morbidity from skin cancer in our country, which is a health burden not only on the individual and families but also a significant cost to federal health care expenditure.

We have a strong focus on women’s health, in particular supporting women through the changes in menopause which effects both physical and mental health.

Menopause is associated with hormonal changes that reduce our serotonin (happy hormones) as well as trigger other hormonal changes that effect health and metabolism. These changes can create weight gain, mood disturbance, sleep disturbance, sexual dysfunction, and overall self esteem.

Dr Katina Koukourou, feels that healthy self esteem through what can be a challenging time for some women, is effected not only by how we feel but how we look.

Self esteem directly effects how individuals respond and adapt to their environment. A healthy self esteem is paramount for motivation towards adapting healthy patterns of behaviour, eg eating, sleeping, exercising and socializing, which ultimately prevents chronic mental and physical disease.

At Lifestyle Medical our approach is a holistic mind body health model for assessment and treatment.

Dr Katina Koukourou is also focused on sports injury prevention and treatment. With her past back ground as an elite athlete she has maintained interest in, studied and practiced orthopedics and sports medicine throughout her career. She aims to assess people to begin or maintain an exercise program as well as assist the injured in their rehabilitation back to their chosen sport.

Wellness can be a choice inside and out to create the best versions of ourselves.

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