Celebrate the silly season with our revitalising offers

Celebrate the silly season with our revitalising offers

As the years go by, certain areas of the face lose volume which can create a tired and sunken appearance. This occurs due to our body’s declining capability to produce elastin and collagen. Dermal fillers can counteract these effects by re-volumising and hydrating certain areas. 

Dermal Fillers can also be used for aesthetic reasons such as achieving the perfect pout.

At Lifestyle Medical our lips don’t lie, we can achieve the most perfect natural look for you. The below left photo shows pre and immediately post 0.8ml dermal filler in the lips. By cosmetic nurse Clare, trained by Dr Katina Koukourou 👄

Men are flocking to anti-wrinkle treatments more now than ever and it’s a good look. We use the latest techniques at @lifestylemedical to enhance a subtle refreshed look whilst still keeping masculinity in check.  

The above right image is one of Morgan’s clients before/after photos after 1.5 weeks of treatment. 

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