Everything you need to know about non-invasive eyelid treatment (Blefaroplasma)

Everything you need to know about non-invasive eyelid treatment (Blefaroplasma)

Blefaroplasma is a non-invasive rejuvenation treatment of the eye contour and eyelid. It is a treatment that improves abnormal function, reconstructs deformities and enhances appearance around the eyes. If your vision is obscured by drooping eyelids or if you have fat deposits surrounding the eye, this treatment could be the solution! 


What do you use? 

At Lifestyle Medical, we use the Brera Plasmage – a little device that packs a big punch in the non-surgical world, created for more delicate areas where lasers and radiofrequency are too strong, such as the area around your eyes. This treatment has quickly become one of our favourite treatments to perform, and the results after treatment speak for themselves! 


How does Blefaroplasma work? 

Depending on your needs which your certified practitioner will assess prior to your treatment, the Brera Plasmage tool delivers plasma energy into the skin at different modes, levels and scales. Plasma energy is generated when gas in the air is ionised to form an arc of energy between the tip of the device to the surface of your skin.  

Note: The tip of the Plasmage device gets close to the skin but does not actually touch the skin to deliver the electrical discharge. 



• Non-surgical means this treatment is faster than surgical treatments 

• Less downtime 

• Less aggressive than other plasma-based devices 

• Brera Plasmage device has different sized and shaped electrodes too suit your treatment

• Eyelids (upper/lower)

• Wrinkles

• Acne 

• Scars 

• Lentigo 

• Fibroma


At Lifestyle Medical, we also offer FREE consultations to answer any of your questions and concerns, and to give you the full lowdown before you commit to any treatment. 


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